A Conversation with Scott

Scott is Associate Publisher and Director of Marketing Strategy, working on marketing and publicity for select books, as well as acquiring books. In addition to all this, Scott volunteers his time in the Penguin Shop, always ready to provide excellent recommendations with his evident passion for and deep knowledge of our books.

Q: Does volunteering in the Penguin Shop help you do your job better?

A: I think volunteering at the Shop gives me a connection to people who read. It also provides an opportunity to meet and talk about books with customers and provides an opportunity to pick their brains about the kind of things they like to read and the kind of thing they’re books they are hoping to purchase.lr.


Q: How does your job make you good at providing recommendations?

A:The people who volunteer at the Shop get into this business because they’re excited about books. They like to talk about books, they like to discover new books and authors. I think that passion makes all of us good at making recommendations.


Q: Why did you choose to volunteer in the Penguin Shop?

A: I wanted to be part of that idea of connecting with people; in particular, connecting with people through a love of books.


Q: Why do you think people should come to the Penguin Shop?

A: I think what’s great about the Penguin Shop is that it’s really tightly curated, and within a contained space, I think we offer something for every reader it’s the perfect spot for people to come and discover their next favourite book.

Penguin Shop interior

Scott’s Staff Pick

“Michael Crummey. I am the biggest Michael Crummey fan. I think, Galore, which was published in 2009, is probably one of the finest books I’ve ever read. The novel’s sweep, sense of place, and the scope of the storytelling are extraordinary.. Galore is everything that great fiction should be.

 Galore by Michael Crummey

I would also recommend  anything by Zadie Smith. In my opinion, I think she is one of today’s most important writers. White Teeth, NW and On Beauty are books that I am always recommending to friends. I’m also a huge fan of Zadie Smith’s non-fiction. Over the last couple of years, she has written some of the most astute commentary about what is going on in the world.

                 White Teeth by Zadie SmithNW by Zadie SmithOn Beauty by Zadie Smith